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The 8th generation of consoles is upon us, that is why I decided to write up a pure speculative blog about what I think the next generation of Sony and Microsoft consoles will look like. Read on to find out my thoughts on it.. Continue reading


OK it’s no surprise to me that the 3DS isn’t hitting the numbers that Nintendo thought it would hit. I’m rather surprised that they didn’t see this coming. 3DS is potentially an awesome system, but it’s not there yet and here is why. Continue reading


Since June 2010 when Satoru Iwata brought the 3DS out at E3, the gaming world has been anxious to get its hands (and eyes) on the 3DS and see what this system can do and how it can do 3D without “goofy goggles”. Today the system released in the US. Continue reading


When I first looked at the NGP, I thought that it was the most impressive handheld technology I’d ever seen. That still holds true, but how long before current technology catches up? Well, it could be a mere 6 months … Continue reading