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This is the OP for a visual novel game called Robotic;Notes, an upcoming game by the same studio responsible for the Steins;Gate game. Continue reading


This July, an anime adaptation of the Light Novel series, Sword Art Online is being released! Continue reading


These are my Top 5 ending themes for the Winter 2012 anime season. Including endings from Thermae Romae, Rine no Lagrange, and Natsume Yuujinchou Shi… Continue reading


We’re a few weeks into the Winter 2012 season. What are some of the best openings? For a Top 5 list, I’m not 100% sure that I found 5 OPs that are actually good. Natsume’s newest OP doesn’t quite hit… Continue reading


This playlist features nothing but videos that are around one minute in length. They are short, but they are hilarious. Continue reading


This is gaming’s biggest month for 2011. A lot of highly anticipated games are dropping, including Uncharted 3, Skyrim and much more. Continue reading


In an effort to bring more content to everyone I am starting a new editorial that is going to highlight great videos, podcasts, music, and anything else that can be put on a playlist. This won’t necessarily be a weekly … Continue reading


The fall gaming season rages on with, well… Rage, and the highly anticipated Batman Arkham City. Battlefield 3 gets a head start in the modern combat wars ahead of CoD. Continue reading


Sony has started a new marketing campiagn and released one of the coolest videos ever. Watch your favorite video game characters come to life. Long Live Play. Continue reading


The latest Persona 4 Anime PV and The Ultimate game play footage straight from the floor of TGS. Continue reading