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This week the Anivision hosts gather to give their impressions on Death Stranding, discuss Pokemon Sword and Shield, review the first two episodes of The Mandalorian, and talk about KonoSuba: The Legend of Crimson. Continue reading


Jrow, steev and Amuro discuss the Blizzcon announcements and fallout from the China news. In Bring Your Own Topic, Sports Games, Indivisible and Modern Warfare, and steev gives updated thoughts on Dr. Stone. Continue reading


The Anivision hosts gather to discuss the latest Anime in the Fall 2019 Season. Including Hoshiai no Sora, Fate/Grand Order, Blade of the Immortal, Oresuki, We Never Learn! 2, Sword Art Online, My Hero Academia Season 4, and much more! Continue reading


This week the hosts gather at Anivision HQ to discuss the latest Spider-Man MCU Updates, they discuss upcoming sequels, and they wrap up the Summer Anime Season. Continue reading


Jrow, Amuro and Dee give impressions on Link’s Awakening, the Monster Hunter World dlc Iceborne, Borderlands 3 and the anime film Promare. Continue reading


On this week’s show, Jrow and Amuro talk about the Nintendo Direct conference from 9/4/19, Amuro gives impressions on Catherine: Full Body and Jrow gives impressions on Astral Chain. Continue reading


This week the Anivision hosts gather for a more causal episode of the Anivision Podcast. They talk about what games they are playing, the D23 Announcements, and some of the anime they are currently watching. Continue reading


On this week’s episode, Jrow and steev talk about 2-2-2 coming to Overwatch, Spider-Man: Far From Home, and they rank the MCU movies up through Phase 3. Continue reading


The Anivision hosts gather to discuss the latest anime from the Summer 2019 Season, including Dr. Stone, Given, Cop Craft, Arifureta, Okaasan Online, Fire Force, Danmachi 2, Accelerator, and much more! Continue reading


The Anivision hots break down all the major announcements for gaming that happened during this year’s E3 event! Including news from Google Stadia, EA, Microsoft, Bethesda, Ubisoft, Square Enix, and Nintendo. Continue reading