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On this episode, the crew covers Resident Evil 4, Honkai Star Rail, Star Wars Jedi Survivor, and the movies Tetris, Kaguya-sama and Suzume. Continue reading


This week the Anivision hosts gather to review The Last of Us TV series, they discuss 1:1 adaptations, and Amuro gives his impressions on Chained Echoes and the Demon Slayer “Movie” To the Swordsmith Village. Continue reading


The crew gets back together to cover some recent game releases including Hogwarts Legacy, Amuro reviews the Kaguya-Sama movie, and the crew gives midway thoughts on The Last of Us. Continue reading


The crew discusses their favorites from the worlds of Anime & Gaming in 2022. Continue reading


This episode the Anivision hosts give a spoiler free review of God of War Ragnarok, Xcom and steev discuss Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, and they play a couple of rounds of Um, Actually.. Continue reading


The crew goes over more Fall ’22 shows like Chainsaw Man, Bocchi the Rock and more, Jrow & steev give impressions on Overwatch 2 and steev gives early impressions on A Plague Tale: Requiem.  Continue reading


This week Jrow and steev sit down to discuss the latest Marvel news from D23 and they go over the games they are interested in playing that will be releasing in Fall 2022. Continue reading


Jrow & Amuro discuss their recent going-ons in a casual What Have You Been Watching/Playing topic, and the guys play more 20 Questions. Continue reading


The crew discuss Marvel’s announcements at SDCC, discuss the games Stray and Live a Live, and give anime impressions on more anime series. Continue reading


Jrow, steev and Foshizzel talk about the Nintendo Direct and put a bow on the anime season, discussing Kaguya-Sama Ultra Romantic, Spy x Family, Ya Boy Kongming and many more shows. Continue reading