Episodes Chat Extended Rewinds Season Discussion Specials

The crew discusses each episode of the Star Wars anime anthology series released on Disney+ and give their thoughts on its contribution to the Star Wars universe. Continue reading


Amuro and steev gather to give their thoughts on the Evangelion: 3.0+1.0 Thrice Upon a Time movie and discuss the Evangelion series as a whole. Continue reading


Jrow & Amuro give their impressions on the long-anticipated Gundam movie Hathaway’s Flash, the first in a planned trilogy of films. Continue reading


Jrow & Xcom get together to talk about Destiny 2’s Season 13 – Season of the Chosen, and they talk about Destiny’s future after the update post from Joe Blackburn. Continue reading


The group gets together to give their full thoughts on The Last of Us Part II. They discuss the gameplay, characters, and their thoughts on the game in comparison to Part I. Continue reading


Amuro, Jrow and Xcom are joined by Chris & Dee to discuss their thoughts on the first part of the highly anticipated Remake for Final Fantasy VII. We discuss the game bringing Midgar to current-gen, the gameplay and endgame building, and story spoilers. Continue reading


Jrow, Amuro, Chris and Dee get together to review Makoto Shinkai’s recent film Weathering With You. Continue reading


The Anivision hosts assemble to give their review on Avengers: Infinity War.
Continue reading


Jrow and steev discuss The Last Jedi giving their thoughts on the flawed, but overall not bad Star Wars movie. Continue reading


Jrow & Amuro bring Chris & Dee back on [EXT] to talk about Persona 5’s story, gameplay, and ranking their favorite confidants, palaces and more. Continue reading