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Check out Anivision’s Winter 2013 Anime Preview! We have trailers, descriptions, our thoughts, and much more! We look at every show including, Hagainai 2, Minami Ke 4, Chihayafuru 2, and Tamako Market! Continue reading


The Anivision Rewind revisits discussion segments from past episodes of the podcast. The first Rewind episode to be released is from Episode 85. Continue reading


This is Anivision’s Fall 2012 Anime season preview! We have trailers, descriptions, thoughts, and much more on all the upcoming anime! Continue reading


Welcome to the Summer 2012 Anime Preview from Anivision. With so many Spring shows coming to an end, we all as anime fans need to refill our palette with new series, seemingly regardless of overall quality. Summer has 26 new … Continue reading


It is mother’s day and I wanted to do something special for it, so I decided what would be more appropriate than a top 5 list of the hottest Mothers in anime! Continue reading


Jormungand’s “Orchestra” arc comes to an ending. Does the music go on or has the final note been played for Chinatsu and her master? Continue reading


In episode 2 of Nisemonogatari, Arararararararagi visits Kanbaru Suruga. She enjoys reading books and being naked. Pics NSFW. Continue reading


This is the OP for a visual novel game called Robotic;Notes, an upcoming game by the same studio responsible for the Steins;Gate game. Continue reading


A poll in which I kindly ask, “What show should Jrow watch?” Choices include Ano Natsu, Un-Go, Giant Killing and Working! Continue reading


There was really a lot going on in this week’s episode, making this opening ep of a multi-episode arc really fun, though the action is another thing. Continue reading