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Bridget and Cathy have a rematch as the 3rd/2nd-year Pandoras get their shot at the infected Pandoras. Continue reading


East meets West as Cathy helps lead a Nova-Infected group of Pandoras into the Ravensborne Necleochede. Continue reading


ALERT! The Novas are here! ALERT! The Novas are here! Continue reading


Taking a break from fighting each other, some of the girls participate in Miss Freezing 2011! Continue reading


It’s a battle between a couple 3rd years and a couple 2nd years. Blood, ripped tops and creepy stepbrothers… ah Freezing, you are some kind of anime!
*btw, lots of toplessness here. The most NSFW blog of Freezing yet.* Continue reading


Kazuya can either be with the Untouchable Queen or the Tibetan Babe. But that’s not really his choice to make as a catfight ensues this week on Freezing. Continue reading


From Tibet, Rana Linchen arrives at Genetics looking for her soulmate, thus forming an unusual love triangle of Kazuya, Brigette and Rana. *Also, some quick news about Freezing on the Anivision Blog at the end.* Continue reading


On this week’s show, Kazuya gets to see more of what he stuffed his face into in episode one and we all blush about the process of Baptism. Continue reading


Kannazuki Miyabi is looking for another boy toy to add to her Limiter collection, but Kazuya isn’t having any of it. I mean, who would pass up Brigette for that slut? Continue reading


Episode 2 means round 2 of the Satellizer vs. Genessa duel. Is Kazuya going to mess this one up for Brigette, too? Continue reading