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Despite the Gundam’s overwhelming power, Flit meets his match in the speedy Zedas. Will he be able to survive and see the colony core rescued by the Diva? Continue reading


The colony Nora is falling apart, and there’s only 5 hours to evacuate. A last ditch plan is hatched utilizing the new battleship, Diva. Flit, left alone with the Gundam to escape, meets a mysterious girl that may know more than she lets on… Continue reading


AGE is an ambitious project that aims to introduce Gundam to a new generation of fans, while still being entertaining to veterans. Does the first episode deliver a brand new experience, or has the series simply gone to the kids, ruining it forever? Continue reading


The classic Mobile Suit Gundam Trilogy has been legally uploaded for all to see, and you can watch it right here on Anivision. Continue reading


Well I’ll be damned. Earlier this week we were teased with the silhouette of a Gundam and a pre-announcement about a new Gundam series set to air this fall. Well, as things tend to go in the internet age, the … Continue reading