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Jormungand’s “Orchestra” arc comes to an ending. Does the music go on or has the final note been played for Chinatsu and her master? Continue reading


There was really a lot going on in this week’s episode, making this opening ep of a multi-episode arc really fun, though the action is another thing. Continue reading


I was shocked that they skipped two more years after episode 3. I wonder if that will be the norm, IE, they will be skipping around when they need. That would be pretty cool, but I don’t think they will … Continue reading


Koko is making a sale of SAM missiles, but her buyers are hoping to get purchase more equipment out of her for the fight between Americans and Russians over an oil pipeline. Continue reading


The first episode of the latest anime from White Fox about an arms dealer and her bodyguards. Based off the manga series by Keitaro Takahashi. Continue reading


The latest Weekly Jump series to be animated, this time by the very popular Gainax studios. What do I suggest you do with this anime? Continue reading


Black Rock Shooter is gearing up for a fight with Dead Master, but in the school world, what happened to Yuu? (Ep. 4 thoughts bundled in with ep. 5) Continue reading


Basketball, Basketball, Basketball. If only this episode were more about Basketball… anyways, BRS takes a bit of an action breather while Kohata confesses to a boy. Continue reading


Black Rock Shooter takes a drama component that, at best, is a 2 and forces it all the way up to 11, making for some really overblown adolescent girl drama. Continue reading


After months of anticipation, the Black Rock Shooter anime made its debut. For the longest time, I’ve been wanting to return to episodic coverage on Anivision. Now with the premiere of Black Rock Shooter, having posted all those news previews earlier, I really feel like… Continue reading