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Level E was one of the biggest anime titles during the winter 2011 anime season, but was it a good series or did it ultimately flop? Being a huge fan of Yu Yu Hakusho and Hunter x Hunter I was excited to see this manga get turned into an anime, but I honestly… Continue reading


This week Kraft becomes the ultimate cock block in order to save the human race. However, even with all his experience dealing with Prince Baka this Queen might be too much to handle. Continue reading


It might be late, but it is here! Starting off episode 6 we get our 5 heroes travelling to defeat the evil Craft so they can get the key to remove the bracelets. I love how when they get.. Continue reading


Level E continues its reign of being the most peculiar anime of the winter season as episode 5 starts out with our favorite Prince Baka as he kidnaps 5 kids in order to turn them into heroes of justice. Continue reading


The grainy old school creepy style really set the mood for the episode as we got to see a girl get eaten by a new kind of alien. The stars of this week’s episode were the four boys who got … Continue reading


Instead of starting with the┬ábeginning, I am going to start with the end of the episode because I am sure most of us are somewhat confused on not only how it ended, but with the next episode is going to … Continue reading


Episode 2 started off with a great gag as last weeks realization of Prince’s “true form” was just about what kind of pet he owns. The serious nature of last weeks revel really made a good impression on me, but … Continue reading


For those of you who don’t know who Togashi Yoshihiro is he is the mastermind behind Yu Yu Hakusho and Hunter x Hunter, which two of the finest shounen series you will find around. He is also none other than … Continue reading