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This weeks the Anivision hosts take a look at the latest news from Sony, talk about the games they are playing, and have an in depth discussion about the Mirai Nikki anime. Continue reading


Episode 6 started off hilariously. We get introduced to Yuki’s mother and of course trying to impress her Yuno breaks into Yuki’s house in order to fix diner and clean his room. Watching Yuki try and hide Yuno in his closet only to have her trying to escape was… Continue reading


If you thought this show was getting intense, then you would be correct. I wasn’t sure how this was all going to end, but the escalation between sixth and twelfth was quite beautiful. It really was a great… Continue reading


This week’s episode of Mirai Nikki has once again stepped up its game to new levels leaving us wondering what is going to happen next. We finally get an in depth look at Twelfth and we find out who Sixth is. All of this while furthering the insanity of Yuno… Continue reading


If there ever was a time were I was happy that I decided to blog Mirai Nikki, this would be it. The majority of the episode seemed normal, but the ending was something that put this series on a grand scale and has made me excited… Continue reading


I’m following Mirai Nikki as a weekly episodic blog, but I thought I would create a character breakdown page that provides information on the players. I will only be following the anime and won’t give off any spoilers past the current episode. Use it as a reference guide… Continue reading


Mirai Nikki starts off the second round of the games with a bang! This episode actually starts to reveal a lot about the games and the people he is going to have to fight. The beginning of the episode he … Continue reading


I was thinking about which series I should cover for the fall season and I ran across this gem. After watching the first episode I knew that this is the kind of series that I must write on. Continue reading