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Insomniac Games CEO Ted Price announced earlier this week that the studio will no longer be making Resistance games in the series. Continue reading


The latest Persona 4 Anime PV and The Ultimate game play footage straight from the floor of TGS. Continue reading


Amuro summarizes and gives his thoughts on the announcements made during Nintendo’s 3DS Conference in Japan. Continue reading


P4U gets an updated website and an awesome PV. Read on to find out more information and to watch the newly released PV. Continue reading


As if an upcoming anime wasn’t enough, Persona 4 is coming to the Vita in an enhanced port and Arcades as a fighter. Continue reading


Right off the heels of Comic Con, Bandai Entertainment has made a few exciting announcements at their Otakon panel. In regards to new anime acquisitions, Bandai Ent has the licenses for Nichijou and Gosick. I’m particularly excited about these since … Continue reading


Amuro gushes over the latest Persona 4 Anime trailer and theme song. Read on to watch the latest trailer from Persona 4! Continue reading


There’s been a few more teaser trailers released since I last made the post about the Persona 4 anime, so I thought I’d throw those up here for you all to see and hopefully share in my excitement for this … Continue reading


Well I’ll be damned. Earlier this week we were teased with the silhouette of a Gundam and a pre-announcement about a new Gundam series set to air this fall. Well, as things tend to go in the internet age, the … Continue reading


Day 2 of our E3 Trailer coverage. Today we many of the latest big title trailers coming straight from E3, like Bioshock Infinite, Resistance 3, Hitman Absolution, and Uncharted 3. The newest Hitman game caught my eye as a possible … Continue reading