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This week the Anivision hosts bring their own topic as they give more impressions on the PS Vita, talk about digital downloads, give our opinions on quotes from people in the Video Game industry, and discuss the latest from One Piece. Continue reading


When I was deciding on doing a new top 5 list shounen series came to mind. Instead of doing a top 5 of the best series, I thought it would be more interesting to highlight the best arcs. It was … Continue reading


Time to take a swim with the lovely mermaids of Fishman Island! Continue reading


This chapter was a bit of an infodump while giving the Strawhats a reason to hurry the hell out of Fishman Island. Continue reading


OP manga coverage is back on Anivision! The Fishman Island arc concludes with an offer and a shocking reveal. (MANGA READERS ONLY) Continue reading


Wanted to do a list, but wasn’t sure which I should do. I’ve been feeling the shounen itch lately so I wanted to do the top 5 best shounen series, but I realized that was too easy. So why not do the worst shounen anime… Continue reading


This week I cover more than ever! I’ll cover the Kamisama Dolls, Dantalian no Shoka, Ao no Exorcist, and Natsume endings, then I’ll cover Penguindrum, One Piece, Gintama, and Sket Dance, finally ending with two series from the new season, Hunter x Hunter and C³. Continue reading


Jrow and steev join forces to bring an all inclusive One Piece episode where we talk all things related to the Anime and Manga. Continue reading


There isn’t really a whole lot to talk about this week. Things are finally coming together enough to were next week should probably be the week Luffy and the gang will officially reunite and start heading to Merman island, even if it … Continue reading


One Piece hits the big 600 chapter mark this week, bringing us more of the same that we have come to love and loath over the past few weeks. We get more characters coming together, but still no Luffy getting … Continue reading