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On this final podcast recording of 2012, Jrow, Xcom and Amuro wing it as Persona 4 Golden gets continued discussion, talks of Sword Art Online, HxH, Eureka Seven AO and Muv Luv Alternative. No news, quickhits or lawls… Continue reading


This week Amuro and steev are joined by Overcooled from MetaVerse to discuss the latest PS4 rumors, and talk about the Persona 4 and Rinne no Lagrange anime finales. Continue reading


After a bit of an extended vacation, I’m back with my thoughts on the last three episodes. Yukiko, Social Links, and Junes, oh my! Continue reading


After forming a bond with Yosuke, Yu has unlocked the power of the Magician. He’s going to need it when Yukiko goes missing inside the TV and Chie is attacked by her Shadow… Continue reading


This week, Yu and Yosuke hop back into the TV after a second murder hits close to home. Will Yosuke have what it takes to face his own hidden emotions? Continue reading


Persona 4 The Animation has finally aired, and Amuro’s got impressions on the episode and The Anime Network’s stream. Continue reading


The latest Persona 4 Anime PV and The Ultimate game play footage straight from the floor of TGS. Continue reading


P4U gets an updated website and an awesome PV. Read on to find out more information and to watch the newly released PV. Continue reading


As if an upcoming anime wasn’t enough, Persona 4 is coming to the Vita in an enhanced port and Arcades as a fighter. Continue reading


Amuro gushes over the latest Persona 4 Anime trailer and theme song. Read on to watch the latest trailer from Persona 4! Continue reading