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The Anivision hosts give their review on the Batman v Superman movie and talk about what DC should do next. Continue reading


This week on the Anivision Podcast the hosts discuss Microsoft’s complete reversal of their DRM policies, they do a spoiler free review of The Last of Us, and they talk about the new Man of Steel movie. Continue reading


Journey is a new game that has been released on the PSN. For PlayStation+ members they have had access to the game since the 7th of March, but it will be released for everyone on the 13th. It is from … Continue reading


The Anivision hosts sit down to talk about their Chirstmas memories and traditions, discuss Christmas Anime and Video Games, and review Tokyo Marble Chocolate. Continue reading


Steins;Gate takes on the monumental task of being a time traveling anime. To me, time travel is one of the hardest devices to pull off successfully. Typically things with time travel in it tends to… Continue reading


As Zombie week draws to a close, the next Zombie anime to be reviewed is Kore wa Zombie Desu ka? Masou-Shoujos, Vampire Ninjas, Necromancers, and Zombies all in one neatly packaged anime~ Continue reading


Zombie Week continues on Anivision w/ a series review of Highschool of the Dead! Continue reading


Catherine, the first game developed by Atlus’ in-house team for current-generation consoles, is a game that I was looking forward to quite a bit. Did Catherine meet my absurd expectations, or was it a bold experiment that didn’t pay off? Continue reading


Portal 2 was a tough sell to me. Everything I saw and read about it made me nervous and I didn’t want to put down the $50 or $60 to buy the game. I thought the game would be too easy and short with no reason to go back and play it again… Continue reading


Level E was one of the biggest anime titles during the winter 2011 anime season, but was it a good series or did it ultimately flop? Being a huge fan of Yu Yu Hakusho and Hunter x Hunter I was excited to see this manga get turned into an anime, but I honestly… Continue reading