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Sorry folks. Not a single picture worth posting from the DVD releases of the last 2 episode of ~Pure Engagement~. But, in its place, episode 00. Continue reading


Unfortunately, what I offer up in this post may be the last bits and pieces of Sekirei ecchi at its finest. Episode 10 packed nothing in the way of nudity, and episode 11 brought what was the shows last bathing … Continue reading


These 3 chapters tie up the mini-arcs involving Shiina/Yukari and the battle with Uzume. Continue reading


Episode 8 If you’re disappointed to read that the Miya scenes are unchanged, than perhaps Hikari and Hibiki can take your mind off the landlord of Izumo Inn. [nggallery id=20] Episode 9 I thought there’d be more with Yashima, so … Continue reading


As I expected last month, episodes 6-7 do not have as much ecchi as what we saw in the last DVD of Sekirei ~PE~. But if you like Homura/Kagari, then you are in great luck. In episode 6, the steam … Continue reading


Episodes 4 and 5 have been released in Volume 3 of Sekirei ~Pure Engagement~ in Japan, and with it comes to much anticipated bathing scene with the 3 girls and Homura. Continue reading


Now that the anime is on a (presumedly) 2-year hiatus, I’m moving on to the Sekirei manga. I had read all of it right before the start of season 2, making comparisons at the conclusion of each episode during the season.. Continue reading


The first two BDs of Sekirei are out. I’ll make an episode 00 post later, but for now we’ll compare the BD version to what we’ve previously seen on TV. Continue reading


We’ve reached the end of Season 2 of Sekirei. In more ways than one, I’m glad it’s over, but I’ll get to that later. For now, we have one more fight to cover and some teaser stuff for Season 3. Continue reading


Things are picking up inside Teito Tower as Minato’s Angels take the stairs up to the 120th floor to win the medicine needed for Chiho. It’s fightin’ time up in the house Minaka built. Continue reading