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Jrow, Amuro, Chris and Dee get together to review Makoto Shinkai’s recent film Weathering With You. Continue reading


Jrow and steev discuss The Last Jedi giving their thoughts on the flawed, but overall not bad Star Wars movie. Continue reading


Jrow (Justin) & Amuro (Jean-Karlo) are joined by friends Chris & Dee to discuss the recent Makoto Shinkai movie Your Name. (Kimi no Na Wa). Continue reading


Jrow (Justin) & Amuro (Jean-Karlo) are joined by friends Chris & Dee to discuss the 3rd and final of the Kizumonogatari movie. Continue reading


Jrow, Amuro and guest Chris get together to talk about Nier Automata, the latest game from Platinum and Square Enix. Continue reading


Jrow & Amuro get together to talk about their thoughts on the 2nd movie in the Kizumonogatari series, Nekketsu-hen. Continue reading


Jrow & Amuro get together to talk about the first of 3 Kizumonogatari movies, Tekketsu-hen, and then review the light novel in its entirety. Continue reading


Jrow & Xcom get together to discuss Destiny in Year 1. They talk about The Dark Below and House of Wolves, the Crucible meta, and our favorite things from Year 1. Continue reading


Jrow and steev are joined by Wademaster to have an extended spoiler filled discussion on Batman Arkham Knight and they discuss whether or not the Season Pass is worth it. Continue reading


The Anivision hosts gather to discuss the shounen manga that defined their generation, Naruto. Continue reading