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Tag: Monthly Gaming Outlook

This MGO isn’t really all that hot compared to the heat outside. Enjoy the breasts, and then click to see what’s coming in July. Continue reading


It’s damn hot out there! Why not stay indoors, adjust that thermostat accordingly and pick any of these fine gaming options for the month of June. Continue reading


In the history of movie-themed games, it’s tough to find many that are of good quality. Also this month, Motorstorm Apocalypse finally releases after delays from Japan’s earthquake/tsunami disaster and Rockstar brings out the much anticipated L.A. Noire. Continue reading


This post is late. While I won’t wiggle an excuse out, I think the post is timely as the 19th is the biggest day for game releases this month. Continue reading


This month features a remake of a Jrow favorite, a couple of FPS shooters and the debut of the Nintendo 3DS. Continue reading


The Monthly Gaming Outlook will take a sneak peek at the biggest game releases of the month. This month, each week has a notable game, leading up to an FPS duel on the 22nd of February. Continue reading