This week the Anivision hosts give their impressions of Mass Effect 3 & Journey, take a look at the latest news from Apple, review Hotarubi no Mori e, and talk about themselves for a little bit.



  • Mass Effect 3
  • Journey
  • Unit 13

Commercial: MetaVerse

News Discussion

  • Apple Press Conference
    • Apple TV now with 1080p support
    • iPad (just iPad. No 3 or HD suffix.)
      • 2048×1536 resolution “Retina” display
      • A5X quad-core graphics
        • Mike Capps of Epic claims, “more memory than an Xbox 360 or a PlayStation 3” – likely in reference to graphics
      • 5 MP iSight camera
      • 1080p video recording
      • Voice dictation (not exactly Siri on iPad)
      • 4G LTE on AT&T and Verizon
      • Games shown off include Infinity Blade Dungeons, a prequel to the series
        • Flight Control Rocket
      • March 16th, same prices apply for wi-fi only and 4G models
  • Rumor: Next Xbox might not have a disc drive (IGN)

Quick Hits

  • Grand Theft Auto V has an Autumn 2012 release window
  • Lollipop Chainsaw coming out June 12th
  • Angry Birds space due out March 22nd
  • Akira from Virtua Fighter will appear in Dead or Alive 5
  • Dust 514 will be free-to-play on PS3
  • NIS America licenses Otome Youkai Zakuro
  • The Secret World of Arrietty is now the highest grossing Ghibli film in the US
  • Mario/Portal mashup game released for PC, OSX and Linux

Lawl of the Week

  • Desctruction of game console leads to car chase (Kotaku)


  • Hotarubi no Mori e Review (Spoiler Free)
  • “Who Am I~?”


  • Intro: “Wonderland” by Flip (Gintama)
  • Insert: “Aki mo Fuyu mo Haru mo” by Makoto Yoshimori (Hortarubi no Mori e)
  • Ending: “Natsu wo Miteita” by Shizuru Otaka (Hotarubi no Mori e)

Bonus Content!

URL to download Mari0: LINK