In our struggle to get forums back on Anivision, we suffered a great loss. R.I.P. Condoriano.

We have once again decided to open up forums! Anivision is constantly striving to become a site with an active community here to talk about the things they love. Also with a new staff member willing to help moderate and run them, we figured we could give it another shot. We have moved from the awful Mingle forum system to Simple:Press! Simple:Press is the best forum system around with great features and integration that will make posting easy and fun. Here are some of the features you can expect to find:

  • Guest Posting
  • Easy User Registration
  • Private Messaging
  • Advanced Profiles
  • Awesome Conversations

One of the best features of Simple:Press is to allow anyone and everyone to post! That means even if you are a guest, you can come in and post! It is just like posting in the blog, just leave a Name and an Email and you can post all you want! Of course if you do want to register, it is a quick and painless process! You’ll be able to receive private messages and even set up a custom profile, avatar, and signature.

Finally, we are shifting the website into three main systems. We have Blogs, Galleries, and Forums! That way you can converse with friends, check out detailed postings, and view the best images from the latest anime episodes! If you visit Anivision and have always wanted to get involved, now is a great time!