This week the Anivision Hosts gather to talk about their favorite anime series and have an in depth discussion about The Avengers movie.


Commercial: MetaVerse

News Discussion

  • The Pirate Bay gets banned by the UK High Court (WhatCulture)
    • The Pirate Bay Speaks Out (Kotaku)
  • Miyamoto compares the Vita’s launch to the 3DS (Joystiq)

Quick Hits

  • Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 has been announced and is set in the future
  • Max Payne will have $30 worth of DLC
  • Microsoft might launch $99 Xbox 360 with Monthly Payment Plan
  • Voice Actor Kenichi Suzumura Forms His Own Agency
  • Haganai to get an OVA coming out September 26th
  • K-ON! Film’s BD/DVD slated for July 18th release in Japan

Disappointment of the Week

  • Layers;Gate pulled from AV production (ANN) (Kotaku)


  • AniProbe The Anivision Hosts
    • What are our favorite anime titles?
    • What are our favorite manga titles?
  • The Avengers Discussion (SPOILERS)

Bonus Content!

The Avengers post credit scene! Will probably be removed soon… :\


  • Intro: “New York, New York” by B.o.B (Crysis 2)
  • Insert: “Syndicate (Nero Remix)” by Skrillex (Syndicate)
  • Ending: “Live to Rise” by Soundgarden (The Avengers)