This week the Anivision Podcast hosts a Best Girl Never Wins Support Group, they talk about the video games they are currently playing, and they do another round of the Anime Revolver.


  • Microsoft names Satya Nadella as new CEO
  • Xbox One will get a system update on February 11th
  • 2nd chapter of Bioshock Infinite: Burial at Sea coming March 25th
  • Titanfall has been delayed on Xbox 360 to March 25th
  • Call of Duty games move to a 3 year development cycle
  • The Order: 1886 will be single player only and will be in 30fps
  • Activision claims that Destiny will be the best selling game in history
  • Sonic Boom game and animated TV series announced
  • Metal Gear Solid: Ground Zeroes is reportedly 2 hours long
  • Broken Blade anime getting a TV edited series coming in the Spring 2014 season


  • Bring Your Own Topic
    • Amuro – Best Girl Never Wins Support Group
    • Jrow – Around the Horn: Minutia Edition
    • steev – What video games are we playing right now?
    • Xcom – Anime Revolver
      • Magi, Space Brothers, Hunter x Hunter


  • Intro: “Last Moment” by Spyair (Bleach)
  • Insert: “Otou-san Tacchi” by Katou Tatsuya (Gingitsune)
  • Ending: “X-encounter” by Kurosaki Maon
  • BGM: Gingitsune Original Soundtrack