I think this is the equivalent of giving Gajeel chocolates...


The core of this episode dealt with Gajeel facing off between two members of Grimoire Heart. For all intensive purposes it was a pretty bad fight. The finishing move was awesome, especially when he ate Kawazu’s “soul.” I was hoping for some comment along that line too. The problem I had with this fight was how weak it made Gajeel out to be. Kawazu telling them that the other wizards were in a different league than them, makes it sound like Gajeel barely being able to beat two of them is also very weak. I’ve always considered Gajeel to be one of the strongest Fairy Tail members. I would even go so far to say that besides the S-Class wizards, he would be the second strongest, only Natsu would be higher. Gray and Gajeel might be on the same level, but beyond that no way any of the other non-S Class members can beat him. Now they are prepping fights between Juvia, Lucy, Cana, and some others that in no way are stronger than Gajeel, but are facing wizards that are much stronger than both Kawazu and Yomazu. At the very least they should’ve had Gajeel get beat up a bunch while trying to protect Levy. It was interesting to finally see some more concrete action from Levy, but what I saw still made me question why Makarov had her take the S Class trial. It was interesting watching the back story of how Gajeel joined Fairy Tail. It was a minor part to the episode, but it gave us more perspective to why Gajeel joined Fairy Tail and it was pretty awesome seeing him call that out.


The final part of the episode finally revealed what we all had been thinking… Mest is a bad guy. Although I lol’d hard when he started eating those flowers. I am hoping that Lily shows him a thing or two. He was pretty freaked out when he grew into his big form. Other than that, this episode really didn’t have a whole lot going for it. I am looking forward to the fights coming up. I am excited to find out what is going to happen to everyone and how the island really plays into all of this. There has to be some kind of secret beyond Zeref being there.

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