Moushiwake Arimasen! We will try harder next time to get it up faster!

From all of us here at Anivision we must express our deepest apologies for the down time that we recently suffered. I won’t make excuses, but I will assign the majority of the blame to our lovely server company who once again is giving us problems. If you watch Inu x Boku SS, then you know that everything in this world is either an S or M. Anivision is most defiantly an M because even though we keep getting trampled on we still come back for more. Hopefully no Anivision will stay up and we won’t have any more problems. We can dream can’t we?

As always, we kept our Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ pages up to date. We kept our episodic galleries going on Google+ even thought he site was down, so I recommend you check them out if you haven’t already. Now if you aren’t apart of us on one of those super fabulous social websites, then I recommend you join us today! Just don’t say anything bad about your parents on them or you might get your laptop shot to death 12 times.

This week's episode of Inu x Boku SS was perfect for my analogy.

We have a lot of catching up to do on Anivision, so expect a lot of great content coming in the next week. The latest numbered podcast episode is up, we are going to be skipping episode 114 in lieu of the website being down for so long. Also we have an EXT episode that should be released soon. Plus we will be doing episodic blogging for both Fairy Tail and Black Rock Shooter! We even have a few editorial and news pieces coming down the pipe. So be prepared!