Most Anticipated: Moyashimon Returns
If you look at the trailer and the image of Moyashimon and decide that this isn’t the anime for you, I am here to tell you, take another look. The series is far different than what your first impressions might be. I loved season 1 and season 2 should be awesome. In a lack luster season of anime, Moyashimon is the bright light providing us with the much needed quality that we are missing. And if you judged it too quickly, then I feel nothing but pity for you.
Summer’s Darkhorse: Sword Art Online
I don’t know if I would call it a darkhorse persay, but it is the only new anime I am actually really excited about watching. This summer has a ton of light novel anime and most of it comes from the fantasy genre. With so much to deal with, it might be hard to pick the one that will stand out. That is why I am putting my weight beind this one.
Most Desirable Harem: Hagure Yuusha no Estetica
Not sure why… I guess the picutres show off a more diverse group of girls. Diversity is always good.
Please Don’t Make Me Watch This!: Muv-Luv Alternative: Total Eclispe
And I won’t. I will however be keeping up with the screenshots and hope that uncensored blurays will eventually show up.

Most Anticipated: Rinne no Lagrange 2
This is somewhat default because I liked S1, wanna know how S2 is, and I’m not feeling the Summer season as a whole enough to replace this with something else.
Summer’s Darkhorse: Muv-Luv Alternative: Total Eclispe
I put this here because it’s the one series that’s already fighting an uphill battle with the onslaught of comments about boobs and mecha; maybe there’s something here from a spin-off of one the most critically acclaimed visual novels of all time, I dunno.
Most Desirable Harem: Koi-Choco
Yuuki’s so lucky to have such a nice harem vying for his love. Michiru (cat ears girl) will be a moe force to be reckoned with.
Please Don’t Make Me Watch This!: Chitose Get You
Fuck, 4-Koma lolicon bullshit anime is so anti-Jrow. I never have and never will get a grasp of the comedic stylings of 4-Koma.

Most Anticipated: Rinne no Lagrange 2
There are quite a few sequels this season, but the one I’m most excited for is also the show I’m most looking forward to for the season. It’s only fitting since Rinne no Lagrange 1 took my pick for most promising show of the Winter 2012 season. To reiterate, the show has everything I could ever want, cool mecha, great action, and awesome female characters. It’s a homerun for me.
Summer’s Darkhorse: Kokoro Connect
I think the body switching theme has room for interesting dramatic opportunities. Of course it looks to be a comedy as well, and by that token it has plenty of room for that as well. In any case, it’ll be interesting to see the designs of the K-On character designer in something other than K-On.
Most Desirable Harem: Kono Naka ni Hitori, Imouto ga Iru!
Frankly there’s not a lot to go off of here, but I’m just gonna throw “Kono Naka ni Hitori, Imouto ga Iru!” out there to have something to say. This of course could change after I’ve actually seen any of these shows.
Please Don’t Make Me Watch This!: Dog Days 2
Good lord, if there is a single show from this season that I plan to avoid like the plague, it’s this one. I couldn’t stand the first season, and I should know since I forced myself to watch enough episodes so that I was sure that I hated it.