The Anivision host’s celebrate Valentine’s Day in 2014 by recording a special episode where they discuss romance in anime and video games.


  • Countdowns:
    • Top 3 Anime Pairings
    • Top 3 Anime Heroines
    • Top 3 Game Heroines
    • Top 3 Romance Anime
  • Romance-Drama v. Romance Comedy
    • Which do you like better?
  • Should Ecchi Harem Anime be classified in the same category as romance?
  • Have you played any dating sims?
  • Do you think there there should be more romantic elements in games?
    • What game do you think has the best romantic elements?
    • Should more games take the Mass Effect approach?
  • What are some of our favorite romance manga?


  • Intro: “You & Me” by Rie Fu (Shirokuma Cafe)
  • Ending: “I Left You” by Remedios (AnoHana)
  • BGM: Non Non Biyori Soundtrack