The Anivision host’s are joined by Mitsugi from the AAA Podcast for the first podcast of 2014 to announced the winners of the Anime and Game of the Year Awards that were voted on by the listeners themselves.

Guest: Mitsugi (AAA Podcast)

2014 Resolutions

  • Amuro: Play the games he owns, but hasn’t played yet.
  • Jrow: Watch less currently airing anime and more older anime.
  • Xcom: Do something generic.
  • steev: Buy a PS4.
  • Mitsugi: Continue down the path of Japanese night life debauchery; Get life in the USA restarted; find a job, car, house…

2013 Anivision Awards – Anime

  • Most Surprising TV Anime
  • Best TV Romance
  • Best TV Comedy
  • Best TV Action
  • Best TV Music
  • Best TV Animation
  • Best TV Ending
  • Best Anime Movie
  • Anime of the Year

Shits & Giggles Awards

  • Anime & Game Waifu
  • The “I’d Be Gay For That Guy” Award
  • Best Harem
  • I’d Like To Put That Character in a Microwave

2013 Anivision Awards – Gaming

  • Best Handheld
  • Best Downloadable
  • Best Multiplatform
  • Best Exclusive
  • Best Single Player
  • Best Multi Player
  • Most Anticipated for 2014
  • System of the Year
  • Game of the Year


  • Intro: “Tsukiyomi” by Phatmans After School (Yozakura Quartet)
  • Insert 1: “Shingeki” by Sawano Hiroyuki (Attack on Titan)
  • Insert 2: “Desert Palace” by Ryo Nagamatsu (Zelda: ALBW)
  • Ending: “Anniversary” by SID (Magi 2)
  • BGM 1: Attack on Titan OST 2
  • BGM 2: The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds OST