Fate/Stay Night: Unlimited Blade Works
Action, Adventure

The one major flaw in the way we are doing our new preview is that sometimes we leave out some of the more obvious shows that everyone is excited about and this was one of those shows. That is right, none of us picked this series to write about. I only decided to write this last second because it felt terribly wrong to not include it. You might ask yourself, “why we would not pick this anime?” The answer is quite simple, this is a no brainer series. I can say with the utmost confidence that this is easily the one anime that all four of us at Anvision are most excited about and, assuming nothing goes terribly wrong or a dark horse comes out of nowhere, it will probably be Anivision’s 2015 Anime of the Year. I really don’t have to say anything other than you need to watch this. Seriously.. Like if you listen to the Anivision Podcast and don’t watch Fate/Stay Night: Unlimited Blade Works, then stop listening and watch it. I don’t want you to waste your time on listening to us if you are missing one of the best anime you’ll ever watch. This anime, much like Gintama, is the reason why I watch anime and you should be watching it too.

Shounen, Comedy

Unfortunately I am not skilled enough as a writer to articulate just how happy and excited I am that Gintama is getting a sequel. The “Final” movie did really give some closure to the series and was something of a finale. If the series had ended there, I would’ve at least had some satisfaction, but I still was left wanting more. I wasn’t expecting a sequel, but I can guarantee you I am really glad there is one. Honestly, there is no real reason for me to write this preview.. If you’ve watched the previous 265 episodes, then you are most likely just as excited to see it come back. I am writing this to stand on a soapbox and preach the word about just how good Gintama really is. If you like shounen, if you like comedy, if you like action, if you like damn good anime, then why the hell aren’t you watching Gintama?

Triage X
Action, Ecchi

At this moment in time, Highschool of the Dead has been too long on hiatus to care about the series or even question why “Highschool” was written as one word. So for those of us that loved Saeko and an anime with “Them”, it’s time to move on to a different setting by the same manga artist, Shouji Sato.

Does the main lead here look like Komuro? Yes. Do we have a cast of woman characters with varying ages and bust sizes? Yes. Ok, we’re just about done. The show uses a hospital theme to separate the “cures” from the “cancers/tumors” of the city, and our group is meant to handle crimes without the discretion of the police force. Expect this show to be censored on TV, but Xebec will do it right in the Blurays.

Romance, Comedy

This is possibly the show I’m currently most excited for from this season. I really loved the first season, enough so that I went and got up to date with the manga and have been following it weekly. While I really enjoy the manga, there’s just something great about Studio Shaft’s take on it. The over the top reactions, effects, and poses really come to life in the anime, and I’m now eager to see what I’ve read animated. Going into this season, my biggest question is what, and exactly how much of the manga will be adapted. The first season was an odd length at 20 episodes, but in that run it managed to tell a pretty decent arc covering most of the first fifty chapters. Since the end of S1, there’s been two OVA episodes covering 2 chapters apiece. From the PV, it seems like the anime will pick up right where it left off, with Chitoge dealing with the realization over the nature of her feelings for Raku, and other promotional materials heavily feature Kosaki Onodera’s younger sister, Haru, which will be introduced as the main cast transitions into their second year of high school. As for what I’m looking forward to seeing adapted, there’s a great arc featuring Chitoge’s mother, and I hope they can get far enough to cover Raku’s amnesia arc and the introduction of Chinese Triad leader, Yui.