This week the Anivision hosts gather together to talk about the latest news from Gamescom and they discuss Shimoneta, Gatchaman, Jitsu wa Watashi wa, Charlotte, Prison School, and Gakkou Gurashi.


  • Xbox One Gamescom News
    • DVR functionality coming in 2016
      • Will be subscription free
      • Recording can be done in the background
      • Stream or download recorded programs to Windows 10 devices
    • Backwards compatibility comes to everyone in November
      • More than 100 Xbox 360 and XBLA titles will be available
      • Xbox 360 Games with Gold will be available on Xbox One
    • Windows 10 UI overhaul to launch on Xbox One in November as well
    • Quantum Break will be released on April 5th 2016
  • Mighty No. 9 delayed to early 2016; Red Ash kickstarter falls short of $800,000 goal
    • Chinese developer Fuze had confirmed they would make Red Ash no matter what happened with funding
    • Red Ash anime prequel reached goal of $150,000
  • Destiny reveals changes in leveling up and more for The Taken King
    • Also bringing in Nolan North and having him re-voice Peter Dinklage’s dialogue from the vanilla Destiny
  • Nikkei profiles Konami’s work environment in a scathing report
    • KojiPro now known as “Number 8 Production Department”, computers not connected to internet
    • Employees leaving offices on lunch hour being monitored with time cards. Tardy employees having their names announced throughout the company
    • Cameras in the office not for security, but to track employee movements
    • Employees don’t have their own permanent email addresses
    • Developers deemed useless are assigned to security duty, cleaning staff or pachi-slot factory
    • One employee who announced on Facebook he left Konami for elsewhere had his post monitored. People who liked the post were reshuffled within company
    • Also: Metal Gear Online delayed to October for consoles, January for PC


  • Anime Revolver


  • Ending: “EXIT” by REVALCY (Durarara x2 Ten)
  • BGM: Boruto Movie OST