This week the Anivision hosts are joined by Fosh and Skylion from Metanorn to dive into more NX rumors, to discuss the PlayStation Plus price increase, to talk about 5pb’s ReZero visual novel, and to draft their own Harem Fantasy Teams.

Guests: Fosh & Skylion from Metanorn


  • The Division delaying DLC content to focus on fixing the core gameplay experience
    • Also adding a Public Test Server on PC
  • Nintendo NX could be a region-free system, will have cartridge-based physical media
  • Final Fantasy XV’s campaign will go from open-world to linear halfway through
    • Story takes place over 10 years
  • Ep. 2 of Telltale’s Batman will be out September 20th
  • Telltale’s The Walking Dead Season 3 to come out in November
  • Playstation Plus increasing to $60/year starting September 22nd
  • Akame ga Kill! manga to end in Vol. 15 which will be released this Winter
  • Blazblue: Central Fiction will not have an Eng dub
  • 5pb working on a visual novel for Re:Zero


Skylion steev Fosh Xcom Amuro Jrow
1 Shinobu, Monogatari Hanekawa, Monogatari Lala, To-Love Ru Rem, Re:Zero Chitoge, Nisekoi Rias Gremory, DxD
2 Levi Kazama, Trinity Seven Rori Mercury, Gate Rachnera, Monster Musume Akeno, DxD Senjou, Monogatari Naruse Mio, Testament
3 Est, Blade Dance Haruka, Amigami SS Ikaros, Heaven’s Lost Property Darkness, Konasuba Sena, Haganai Lisara, So I Can’t Play H
4 Eclair, Dog Days Ryoko, Tenchi Haruna, Is This a Zombie? Sasami Masaki, Tenchi Hestia, Dungeon Arashi, OniiAi
5 Megumin, Konosuba Kazumi Mizuho, Please Teacher Le Blanc, Familiar of Zero Maria, Testament Rise, Persona 4 Yusa Emi, Hataraku Maou-sama


  • Ending: “Paradisus-Paradoxum” by MYTH & ROID (ReZero)
  • BGM: Tokyo Ghoul OST CD1