On this week’s show, the crew gives their thoughts on the PS5’s game showcase event. In Bring Your Own Topic, they discuss remakes, give manga/LN reading recommendations, rank their waifus and discuss fanart.


  • PS5 Game Showcase
  • Destiny 2 announcements
  • Persona 4 Golden released on Steam
  • Shaman King reboot announced
  • Eden’s Zero anime adaptation announced
  • Postponed Spring ’20 anime given dates to resume after COVID delay


  • Bring Your Own Topic
    • steev: Are video game remakes bad?
    • Amuro: Reading Recommendations 
    • Jrow: Top 5 Waifus
    • Fosh: Does lewd fanart of your fav characters make you like or dislike the character?


  • Intermission: “Time to Make History” from Persona 4 OST
  • Ending: “Shadow World” from Persona 5 Golden