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Steins;Gate takes on the monumental task of being a time traveling anime. To me, time travel is one of the hardest devices to pull off successfully. Typically things with time travel in it tends to… Continue reading


As Zombie week draws to a close, the next Zombie anime to be reviewed is Kore wa Zombie Desu ka? Masou-Shoujos, Vampire Ninjas, Necromancers, and Zombies all in one neatly packaged anime~ Continue reading


Zombie Week continues on Anivision w/ a series review of Highschool of the Dead! Continue reading


Level E was one of the biggest anime titles during the winter 2011 anime season, but was it a good series or did it ultimately flop? Being a huge fan of Yu Yu Hakusho and Hunter x Hunter I was excited to see this manga get turned into an anime, but I honestly… Continue reading


Takashi Natsume grew up with the unique ability to see and interact with Youkai, however this ability causes him to be alienated by people believing he was just lying, making it all up. After moving to a small village, where his grandmother grew up… Continue reading


After doing the season preview with the crew here, Amu-chan made a great case for me to watch Sora no Otoshimono and after finding out that the main character was voiced by the legendary Hoshi Souichirou, I had to watch … Continue reading


Looks can be deceiving, Maria † Holic is a warped comedy with a strong art style that rivals that of Sayonara Zetsubou-sensei and Arakawa Under the Bridge. Staring a perverted lesbian and a sadistic cross-dresser, this series is sure to be one… Continue reading


While Eiichiro Oda has been a consultant for One Piece movies in the past, Strong World (aka One Piece Movie 10) is the first one he has written the script for. The One Piece movies aren’t too shabby across the board, but with Oda authoring this… Continue reading


Break Blade 1 (or Broken Blade) is the first in a series of movies based off the manga by Yonosuke Yoshinaga.  It follows Rygart Arrow as he is summoned by the Kingdom of Krisna and gets involved in a war … Continue reading


The Black Rock Shooter hype has perhaps hit its climax with the release of this 50-minute OVA. If you reading the word hype makes you go, “huh?” the following is an explanation on both why this came to be and … Continue reading