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Looking for a rewarding career in blogging? Well why don’t you join a small group of people who are dedicated game and anime fans. Both our website and podcast has been seeing incredible growth in visitors and we are looking for dedicated people to join us. Continue reading


Welcome to Anivision Inc, the rebranding of the Anivision Blog. As we launch Anivision Inc, we will be slightly changing the focus of our website. Because we just simply don’t have the man power at the moment we will forgo doing episodic postings for now and put a heavier focus on Editorials… Continue reading


Ever say to yourself that you would really like to be apart of a wonderful website and post things about your favorite anime, manga, and games? Well now you can! We at Anivision are looking for a new people to become involved as bloggers and podcast correspondents! Continue reading


Hey Anivision faithful, just writing in to give a heads up that I was recently on the Decoration Disorder Disconnection, or simply the DDD Podcast. Bakuhasu, The Suspicious Red Lamp, and Grim Reaper Hei invited me to talk about Gundam … Continue reading


Welcome to Anivision 2.0 or what I dubbed: The Anivision Blog! When we relaunched Anivision in August I felt like there where a lot of bugs and unnecessary design aspects put into it. I am an experienced web designer, but … Continue reading