Jellal, a victim of circumstance?

Jellal, a victim of circumstance?

Oh snap, that is right, I am blogging Fairy Tail! I’ll be honest with you, I read the manga until after the next arc and I only stopped reading the manga because I stopped reading manga all together for a short time. I was going to pick it back up, but I saw that they were planing the anime and I was excited, to say the least. Alas, the series didn’t live up to my expectations.. It felt like the series was being rushed and felt like they didn’t want to take the time and make an actual anime, not merely a moving-talking manga. So I was stuck with the choice, to drop or not drop. For some miraculous reason I realized it was episode 39 and I still was watching, in fact, I was watching it every Monday without even questioning myself. That is when I realized, hey, I must like the anime more than I think! Thus I bring you back to my opening statement: Oh snap, that is right, I am blogging Fairy Tail!


I call next!

Alright, so now I start my actual post on Episode 39. For me this was an episode of beginings and endings. It answered our questions whether or not Jellal and Seigrain where actually one person or not, I mean, duh, twins? Who actually bought that? Not I… 😐  Plus it finally made it clear that Seigrain is a bad guy, period. Sure, he might be possessed by the most evil mage of all time, but he is bad and he enjoys being bad. Which makes me more frustrated at Ezra. After the mystery beam fired and revealed the real Tower of Heaven it probably didn’t shock any of the viewers. Everyone expected that Jellal wanted the Councilto fire Etherion, so that was pretty anti-climatic.

Tower of Heaven

Must have taken a lot of crazy glue to stick all those crystals together.

Even with the short fight between Ezra and Jellal, the real meat of episode 39 happened in the last 5 minutes of the episode. That is right, we all where waiting for the Jellal x Natsu confrontation. It was short, but it was just to show everyone how powerful Jellal really is, which is understandable since he is the last boss. Even though Natsu got his butt literally handed to him by Jellal, Natsu really had the upper-hand. Why? Well Natsu said it best, Fairy Tail’s specializes in destroying things. That lie really made me laugh. It is one of those, “Oh, yea!” moments that happen so rarely in anime. I always love it when characters reference negative things in a positive light.

I hope Jellal took out insurance on the Tower of Heaven.

I can’t wait for the final fight between Natsu and Jellal. It should prove to be one of the best fights Fairy Tail has yet to have. I do look forward for this arc to finally end as well, because Ezra needs to come back to her old self and put the fear back into Natsu and Grey. Plus the next arc features one of my favorite “Mages” back in his l33t form.