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As you might see, this isn’t going to be a typical impression. Lets face it, this episode was all about the beauty. So lets check out our contestants~

Contestant: Lucy Heartfilia
Age: 17
Magic Type: Celestial Spirits
Fun Fact: She likes to wear sexy lingerie!
Contestant: Erza Scarlet
Age: 19
Magic Type: Equipment
Fun Fact: Is fascinated with lingerie!
Contestant: Juvia Loxar
Age: 17
Magic Type: Elemental (Water)
Fun Fact: Refers to herself in the third-person.
Contestant: Mirajane
Age: 20
Magic Type: Transformation (Beast)
Fun Fact: She is bad at drawing!
Contestant: Bisca Mulan
Age: 18
Magic Type: Weapon (Sniper)
Fun Fact: Doesn’t like sweets.
Contestant: Cana Alberona
Age: 18
Magic Type: Magic Cards
Fun Fact: Has a crush on Macano~
Contestant: Levy McGarden
Age: 17
Magic Type: Solid Script
Fun Fact: Rejected both Jet and Dory just seconds after confessing!
Contestant: Evergreen
Age: 20
Magic Type: Elemental (Wind & Stone)
Fun Fact: When she was a child, her dream was to become a Fairy.

He use to be such a good little boy.

Getting on with the impression. I really liked the flashback, it was short, but you get a good impression of how Laxus use to be. Other than that, the only other thing I want to talk about is how Natsu can’t leave the area. I figure it has something to do with his dragon magic. They haven’t shown Gajeel leave either, so I bet he can’t go anywhere too. It is going to be interesting to see the Gajeel Natsu x Laxus fight. Two dragon slayers fighting side by side should be pretty badass.

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