Ezra looks best when she cries..

Did you think Ezra actually died? I bet not. Anyway, the first half of this episode is just clean up for the arc. I am glad that Sho, Milliana, and Wally didn’t join Fairy Tail. They really aren’t that interesting of characters, plus, if everyone they fight against joins Fairy Tail, the guild would get quite big quickly. I did enjoy the farewell scene. I thought it felt good to close the whole arc and it gave us a good Ezra crying screen grab. Earlier on in the episode she cried with both eyes, but this scene had more impact in my opinion. As for Jellal stopping the tower of heaven from completely blowing up? That seems bogus, well, I mean I guess he might have stopped it to save his own life, but to save the others? Sure, Jellal might be possessed, but he is still evil.

I want one of those figures.. :3

The new guild is cool. I love how they added a shop, in fact I would’ve loved some of those goods. Not just the ub3r Lucy figure, but I would love one of those Salamander shirt/scarf combos. Speaking of Salamander, I love how Natsu was moping around while they were touring the new guild. It was a nice touch to sell the scene a bit more. It wasn’t until they all started fighting did Natsu start to smile. I really loved it when Ezra joined the fight, the reaction she made to her strawberry cake falling on the floor and then getting stepped on by Elfman was priceless. I lol’d hard.

If I could have a stalker, I would totally want Juvia as my stalker.

There are a lot of great female characters in Fairy Tail, but Juvia has to be my favorite. I love her personality and style. <3 Juvia. Everyone probably figured she would join Fairy Tail during the Tower of Heaven arc, but it is always nice to see it official. However, the one thing I did not get was why Master let Gajeel join. I figure Mashima, the author, wanted a Vegeta like character in the mix, you know a former bad guy who is really just a misunderstood good guy. I did love his singing scene, it was really unexpected and completely hilarious.

Laxus wants to reach out and touch somebody.

<Next Arc Start> Welcome to the official start of the next arc. Laxus gets mad and wants to distroy the guild. wOOt! I mentioned last week that this arc is great and I am finally excited to see it start. However, the one thing I never understood when I read this in the manga was the followers he had. They are insanely strong and they are never mentioned before. Either way, I hope the fights live up to the manga and it is going to be great.