Ever since the switch to the new site and the new blogging approach, I haven’t yet found a feature to call my own. I’ve had Picture of the Day before, but it doesn’t make sense in this blog format.

So I feel like I may have something. Opening Mondays and Ending Fridays. A great way to start the week with my choice of an anime opening, and close things out on Friday with a choice ending theme.

I will start this feature with an anime that I’m not exactly the most fond of, which is Star Driver. I gave the anime a chance yesterday by watching episodes 5-7, but could not truly find value in watching further on. However, bless the crew for bringing 9nine on to do songs. I’m a big fan of the first ending theme “Cross Over” and now I’m really loving that they returned for the 2nd OP “Shining Star”. I’ve never doubted Star Driver’s action, which shines through in the chorus. So without further ado, here is 9nine’s “Shining Star” featured in the anime Star Driver.

Stay tuned this Friday for my featured ending theme!