By the time you read this, you’re already aware of the news of what’s happened in Japan. I’ll leave it up to the major news outlets to handle the reporting, but I think I can safely speak for the Anivision crew when I say that we offer our thoughts and prayers to everyone affected, and may those that lost their life due to this catastrophic event rest in peace. There are a number of opportunities to donate, Red Cross being the most prominent. Texting to 90999 with the message REDCROSS sends a $10 donation.

Anime Rescheduling

What this means for us as anime fans is a delay in some of the shows we enjoy watching. From the anime schedule seen on Crunchyroll, simulcasts of Gosick, Super Robot Wars OG and Beelzebub have been delayed to this Monday, the 14th. Episode 22 of Toaru Majutsu no Index II did not air on Tokyo MX, but did air on AT-X. From the looks of things as of this posting, the Monday shows of Zombie Desu ka?, Level E and Dragon Crisis should air on their originally scheduled time Monday.

*Paragraph updated to reflect the status of Index II

Tokyo Magnitude 8.0

A little while after taking in all the news, I remembered that there is an actual anime that takes on this very topic. BONES did an 11-episode series called Tokyo Magnitude 8.0 that, not only does its description say that Japan has a high probability of being hit with a 7.0 earthquake, but the anime depicted events as if it reached 8.0. Unfortunately, the legit earthquake hit almost a full point higher. I haven’t seen the series myself, but I do know steev has.