You've been listening to Jinta and the Ghost Girl. Stay tuned for Anivision!

On July 21st, 2009, Xcom and I got together for the first podcast recording. We celebrated Anivision’s first anniversary on Episode 48 of the podcast, and then I just remembered that we turned 2 over a couple weeks ago. Looking at some of the notable moments listed below, it really does feel like soooo long ago since some of these people have joined us and different things we’ve done.

Notable Moments During Year 2

  • Anivision had its first ever in-house podcast for episode 85 as Xcom and Jrow rode over to steev’s place for a recording.
    • Episode 91 was the first time all 4 hosts had been in the same room and the first meeting between steev and Amuro. The podcast went really well. Unfortunately, audio snafus messed the whole thing up. Pre-air, the group watched the finale episode of Ano Hana together.
  • Xcom finally joined an anime preview podcast for the Summer 2011 season. It’s our longest episode to date at just a tad short of 2 hours, 30 minutes.
    • Speaking of Xcom, his son turned 1 back in April. Congrats to the boy and his parents!
  • Jrow missed out on Episode 64, his first absence from the podcast.
  • Jrow and Amuro attended Animazement 2011 and got to meet Nakata Jouji and see Hiroaki Hirata at a panel.
  • Level E & Kore wa Zombie desu ka? are just a couple series that were blogged episodically.
  • Amuro’s buddy Magus made his second podcast appearance on episode 50.
  • Then-AAA host Hatake joined us for episode 51.
  • Decoration Disorder Disconnection friends The Suspicious Red Lamp and Grim Reaper Hei guested on the podcast, and eventually we brought all 4 DDD hosts on episode 68‘s big awards podcast.
    • Bakuhasu most recently returned for episode 86 with us. It was his 4th appearance on Anivision and was our first ever 2-hour podcast, thus the episode being named “The DDD Effect”.
  • Amuro made a guest appearance on episode 17 of Decoration Disorder Disconnection with Baku and TSRL.
  • Metanorn became a friend of Anivision as Kyokai joined us, then later Foshizzel and most recently Overcooled. Kyokai is the first guest from outside North America.
    • Jrow became a member of Metanorn’s aniblogging team and their podcast MetaVerse.
  • Local podcast buddy¬†Sean Ryan joined us on Episode 91.5. Originally to be another live podcast, we hope to schedule a podcast meet-up with him (and possibly Kevin aka The Business) and record in-house in the future.

Ohana enjoys listening to Anivision while on the train

What’s in store for Year 3?

  • We just finished Zombie Week, our most ambitious project yet as we rolled out 5 podcasts over the first week of August to rival the ever-so-popular Shark Week.
  • Episode 100 will be upon us in the next couple of months. Details are still being discussed as to how to celebrate.
  • Episode 69… still looking for that episode. Maybe it’ll come out. I dunno… no promises. Filth.
  • More in-house recordings. The hosts have been looking at equipment and ideas to do more meetups and recordings of the podcast.
  • More frequent blogging. steev has been doing a weekly Anime Times update, Amuro has been posting Persona 4 Anime updates and there might be some more bonus content being prepared behind the scenes.

So we’ve had a good time this past year doing the podcast. We’ve met lots of cool people that were fun to have on the cast, we all finally met each other and got to record the podcast in-house (hope steev runs out of excuses for not coming to my place to record ;)), and we hope that Year 3 brings us the same amount of fun and laughter. Thanks to everybody that has taken the time to let us blabber thru your headphones. And every link I put into this post, I strongly recommend those episodes of our show and those podcast friends of DDD, Metanorn and Method to Madness.

Episode 100 is the milestone we’re more anxious for to come. If there’s anything of interest you’d like for us to do/highlight on our first triple-digit episode, let us know in the comments.