First things first~ A little bit of fanservice for all! This week’s episode of Fairy Tail marks the start of a new season so we get a brand new opening and ending to go along with it. I must say that I am excited to see both a opening and ending that lacks important fillers is kind of a refreshing feeling coming from Fairy Tail. I did like both the opening and ending tracks as well. Look forward to them being used during the Anivision Podcast sometime in the future.


As a single entity Natsu is a pain in the ass, 1000 Chibi's means a much bigger pain in the ass. >_<


This episode started off promising one thing and that was a fight between Gildarts and Natsu. I will say that I was pleased with the fight. Obviously judging by not just how strong Gildarts is, but by the way Natsu really gains his power, by emotional conviction, that I knew that there wasn’t a chance in hell Natsu could beat Gildarts. I did laugh a lot when Natsu started chibi fighting Gildarts. It was an amusing anecdote to the bigger fight. The end of the fight was pretty powerful. Gildarts unleashing is full power to make Natsu just down right fear him was pretty epic. Natsu’s look on his face is not one to forget for some time. I loved the animation they put into it. It marks just how powerful Gildarts really is. Gildarts has always interested me since he is a fairly recent addition to the cast and he is the strongest wizard in Fairy Tail. I really want to see more of him, but for now I really like what I see. I like his strong, yet cool attitude. Like he is willing to take on the world, but at the same time is kind of lackadaisical about it. His level of magic power is obviously that of a Guild Master, so I would love to see him get in a full on fight. His deconstruction magic is pretty badass and is now one of my favorite magic types I’ve seen in Fairy Tail. I still want to know more of who he is because it is still largely a mystery.

This quite literally is the stupidest transformation ever.


We also got a peak into what the others are having to face. I love that Elfman and Evergreen are going to have to fight Mirajane. I’ve been iching for some more Mirajane action since the Fighting Festival Arc, but it is perfect that she is going to have to face Elfman. I will say that I am not a fan of Evergreen. She got her ass handed to her by Ezra already. So unless she does some interesting combo moves with Elfman, then I doubt she will be able to do much in the fight. I am disappointed in what was shown of the Juvia and Ezra fight. Maybe it is just that I don’t really understand why Lisanna teamed up with Juvia, especially since she has been on a different world for the last two years. Watching her turn into some ugly ass Harpy and Bunny, I can’t say I am looking forward to any of her fights in the future. Getting back to Juvia, I always thought Juvia was a lot stronger than that. We really haven’t seen her in a full on fight, since she was lovestruck by Gray and she was controlled by Vidaldus during the Tower of Heaven arc. I just thought that she would be a lot stronger than she is. Ezra is using an anti-water armor set, but even still she is getting kicked aside overwhelmingly.

The next episode looks to be interesting because a certain someone is going to step into the trails… I won’t spoil it since I looked it up, but I am curious to see what comes from him being there.

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