This week I am keeping The Times short because I have a cold and I don’t feel like writing out too much. I do feel better today than previous days so hopefully I’ll recover by Tuesday for my Mirai Nikki post. Today I’ll cover Fate/Zero, Ben-Tou, Hunter x Hunter, Nurarihyon no Mago, and Guilty Crown.


Hunter x Hunter – 03 [spoiler]

I guess I have been doing a weekly update of what is different between the original and this series so I decided to keep up with it… for now. This week they cut out a significant event in the original series. They actually veered off course thanks to some poor advice from Tompa to help out the fat kid. It had to do with a second path and a hallucinogenic tree growing in a dark tunnel. It sounds stupid and it frankly wasn’t a strong point in the series, but what was important was that it reveled both Leorio and Kurapica’s past. That is why I am glad they just had them explain it to each other as they run. It was a far better way to get trough it then how the series first did it. It also made the whole running thing far more tolerable since we aren’t just watching people run for 20 minutes.[/spoiler]


I am glad Satou didn't join the KKK... *giggles*


Ben-Tou – 03 [spoiler]

I apparently lied about not talking about this show every week. I am really loving this series and this episode kept up with the strong first and second episode. It was beyond funny watching Satou jump into the furnace to get his clothing back, but everything leading up to that was great as well. Satou is proving to be an awesome lead. I loved how he is continuing to kick some ass. The animation is nice during the action scenes too, which make them that much cooler. The other characters are also providing a perfect amount of support to his character as well. Oshiroi is awesome! She is perverted on all the right levels. She actually thought about having an orgy with the KKK guys.

One thing I want to talk about is music of Ben-Tou. This season is proving to have great OST potential with Gulity Crown and C3 already hitting perfect notes, but I am starting to notice the music in Ben-Tou and I am impressed. I thought they did a great job of mixing up the music, from the guitar action to the bluesy drama. I will have to get these OSTs and you can expect plenty of their music in upcoming podcast episodes.[/spoiler]


Nurarihyon no Mago 2 – 15 [spoiler]

I should’ve talked about this last week, but thanks to the odd recap episode my schedule got thrown off and I had to watch both 14 and 15 together. I must say, I am really falling in love with this show. The darker themes are being played out perfectly and in episode 15 watching Kubi go berserk and murdering a bunch of youkai was pretty epic. His character really didn’t have much presence before this arc so I am glad they are finally giving us some face time with him. The action is solid and I can’t wait to see more from him. I am also a big fan of Kappa. I don’t know why, but I really want to see some more from him. I am hopping he gets the same treatment. If not in this arc, sometime soon would be nice. The next episode should prove to be epic with all kinds of action[/spoiler]


Waver photo bomb~ lulz at dat face, dat face!

Fate/Zero – 04 [spoiler]

Fate/Zero is finally kicking into gear with it starting off with Lacer v. Saber fight. The animation really stood out most to me. A lot of times action scenes can look rough, but they looked stunning with their full effects. I am liking the strategic stuff going on and am curious to see how this all plays in. I am hoping that there isn’t too much thinking involved and more action. I would’ve liked more of a conclusive fight, but the end of the episode had me laughing so hard I was coughing.. Although that could’ve just been my cold. Either way, watching Rider storm in there with Waver looking all pathetic and just telling them to bow down, while revealing his name was beyond epic. The whole time Saber and Lacer were fighting they had to try and figure out what their real names were. They even took the time to point it out to us, but Rider just letting it all hang out there was funny as hell. Rider is proving to be my favorite servant.[/spoiler]


Guilty Crown – 02 [spoiler]

Despite me really liking this anime and I am finding it hard to talk about. So far, plot wise, I am interested, but for some reason as original as this series appears to be, there isn’t anything original about it. Ouma doesn’t stand out to me at all. He isn’t funny and he had such a turn around from “I can’t do anything” to “I can do anything” I just can’t find anything to grab on to. He is pretty good with that sword, but him fighting mechs with it seems out of place. I also just don’t understand why he turned down working with the Undertakers. He witnessed such a horrific event, so you’d think he would be willing to do it. Also it ended with Inori transferring into his school, which effectively turned this into a school anime. Don’t get me wrong.. I still like this anime, I just don’t know why. Well there is one thing I like about it and that is the OST. I won’t echo what I said during the Ben-Tou stuff, but I do think Ryo is doing a fantastic job with the vocals. If there ever is a dub for this series I don’t expect it to be half as good.

Oh yea.. $20 on the freaky blond haired kid falling in love with the wheelchair girl and turning good because of it. He probably even put her in the wheelchair.[/spoiler]