Did you see that coming? I can tell you that I didn’t. Most of the episode was setup to start the war and reveal just how the enemies are, but a lot was brought to light. Honestly I assumed Mest was a bad guy. It was a great misdirect, which is something I normally don’t fall to. I am glad that he is good too. I started to like Mest’s strange personality. He is exceptionally weak though. His reaction to the loss of the Council ships was a bit over the top. He completely broke down and couldn’t do anything.


The fight between the actual member of Grimoire Heart was pretty interesting. I am glad that Lily is getting more action time. His fight was interrupted during the Edolas Arc and I wanted to see more of him. Wendy stepped up too. She was all action and that was great. I didn’t think Wendy would be a viable action character, but she is proving her worth. You don’t see to many support characters like her in these kinds of shounen and if they are, then they usually get put in the background and not given much face time. The fight did show just how overwhelmed they are. I am a bit disappointed in that though. Like I mentioned last week, balance of power is important to me when it comes to shounen series. I don’t like it when they produce overly powerful enemies that get beaten in the end.


Grimoire Law looks a hell of a lot cooler than Fairy Law..

The biggest news was that Grimoire Heart is actually run by the second master of Fairy Tail, Purehito. It makes sense now why they are able to find the island. I will say I was a bit surprised by that, but I kind of had the impression that they had some kind of connection to Fairy Tail, but I’ll admit I kind of thought it had to do with Makarov’s son. Makarov stepping up like that was pretty cool. I can’t wait for the full fight between the two. Obviously Makarov is going to suffer mental damage more than physical damage. I am curious to find out what kind of magic Hades uses.

The magic council can be quite scary at times..

Overall I like the feeling this arc is giving me, but I do wish that there was more members of Fairy Tail involved. They are calling it a War, but there are only a few members of the guild. It is not like the scale of the Phantom Lord arc, where the entire guild had to fight. Next week should prove to be more exciting.

If you haven’t checked it out yet, I’ve made a post about our friends over at Anime Evo. They are running a Fairy Tail Contest where you can win actual prizes. Check out the post I made in the link below, it will direct you over to Anime Evo so you can find out how to enter and win!

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