Was it just me or did anyone else just have multiple orgasms? After watching the trailer we actually get quite a bit of information about 6, which leaves me with a lot of questions. This might very well be the most ambitious Resident Evil ever. Not only do we get a mishmash of all the Resident Evil characters, but even the old school zombies are back!

The first thing we see is the one character we have all been craving for since Resident Evil 4 and that is the return of my main man Leon S. Kennedy. He looks a bit more badass with his unshaven beard and longer hair. However, the cast doesn’t stop there because as the video goes on it makes it clear that there are going to be multiple playable characters with several different locations. We also get to play as Chris Redfield and an unknown Chuck Norris melee fighter, which some people have speculated that he is HUNK unmasked. Also the girl with him might be Ashley Graham from Resident Evil 4.

The reason I feel that this could possibly be the most ambitious of the games is even though there are multiple characters in different locations, it looks like they have brought the last three major play styles into one game. From what I noticed while watching the Leon bits it looked a lot like the Resident Evil 4 gameplay. A heavy focus on the individual stuck inside a horror situation. Chris’ parts looked like it incorporated the mechanics from Resident Evil Operation Raccoon City. A cover system combined with a focus on team based gameplay. The last characters looked like it could be like Resident Evil 5, which had co-op gameplay. If they did combine all of these into one game that could either make it ridiculously awesome because we get the best of everything in one package or make it really bad because they crammed too much into one game.

However the game turns out, I can not help but be excited about Resident Evil 6. You can expect us to keep you up to date in all the latest Resident Evil 6 news, whether it is on our blog or on our podcast.