Getting back into the groove in 2012 gets me back into doing my weekly Fairy Tail impressions. I was deciding what I wanted to do since I over worked my self last time with too many weekly posts, that is when I realized I had to stay true to Fairy Tail! This is one of the few shounen series that has yet to betray me with too many fillers, breaks, or crappy plot twists. I am going to keep this one brief since it was mainly a fighting episode, which means there isn’t a lot to talk about, but a lot of great screenshots.

Fairy Tail keeps proving to be the leader of long running shounen anime fan service. Now where are the doujinshi?


Those are the eyes of a mad person. If you ever see someone with those eyes, it is best to leave.

Ezra’s matches always seem to be pretty epic, but this time was easily the best of those. Personally I liked the background music that was playing during the fight. The orchestrated piece gave the fight a bit more of a punch to it. Azuma was an interesting villain. I didn’t quite like the way his fight ended with Mirajane, but he has certainly made up for it in this fight. I am curious how tree/wood magic and explosion magic go together though. Seems like an odd combination of abilities. Ezra didn’t unleash any new armors this time around, although I was disappointed that the seduction armor wasn’t used, but I liked how it went through all of the armors in one fight.


Overall this arc has been pretty interesting. At first I wasn’t too keen on them being overpowered that much, but it has stress that their current situation is pretty bad. After much of the story was revealed I really started to gain interest. I want to know more about Mavis and the Tenrou Tree some more. I am hoping for a flashback arc of some sort of the origins of the Fairy Tail guild. I am kind of expecting some kind of major outcome at the end of this arc, but for now I will look forward to the epic Gildarts fight that is coming next. Daddy is going to kick a lot of ass~

I’m going to do my own gallery, but if you want to check out Anivision’s Google+ Gallery of Fairy Tail – 114, then the link is there.

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