This scene reminds me a lot of when Luffy defeats Crocodile.

The Fairy Tail battles against Grimoire Heart continue this week and they are rather disappointing to say the least. My biggest problem is with how the Gildarts fight ended. Bixlow and Freed had already stomped the crap out of Rustyrose, so it was inevitable that their fight would end quickly, but it felt like the Gildarts fight had just begun. When you have two power houses like Gildarts and Bluenote Stinger I expected a bigger fight between the two of them. Especially after the ass kicking Bluenote gave to Natsu and Caana, but it just came down to one move and an epic uppercut. I know Gildarts isn’t a main character like Gray, but I still hoped for more of a fight.

Juvia is going to be mad she missed that.


The rest of the episode was about Gray and Ultear. I don’t know about you, but I wasn’t fooled in the slightest. I was expected Ultear to smile as she walked off just because it was obvious that she wanted Gray to take out Hades. Without Hades around she could do whatever she wanted with Zeref. I am curious about Ultear’s past so the next episode should shed some light on that. The fight between Ultear and Gray seems like it will have an obvious outcome. The fact that she is leader of the Seven Kins then she should be stronger than Gray. My bet is that Gray will lose, but still hurt Ultear enough to where she can escape with Zeref. Even still, the fight should be pretty good.

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