For the longest time, I’ve been wanting to return to episodic coverage on Anivision. Now with the premiere of Black Rock Shooter, having posted all those news previews earlier, I really feel like covering this. (My posts won’t be structured in the common format steev has been using. Just a few pics and some words.)

That kinda looks like it hurts

The part that everybody wants to see in Black Rock Shooter is the titular character in action, and I can say that I’m quite impressed by the action. I was initially concerned when the first trailer released, but the first episode kind of goes out of its way to prove that my worries might be all for naught. The¬†choreography from the OVA returns in tip-top condition and the mix of CG and standard animation works pretty well. It’s also a surprise to see BRS beaten down so unmercifully by Chariot in the debut episode. The sound effects add weight to BRS getting ragdolled and run over. Really good stuff. The prime reason to watch Black Rock Shooter.

The world that Black Rock Shooter walks in is amazing. Vibrant, yet has a dreary tone to it. The OVA lacked that vibrancy that I see more of in episode 1, and while the dark/geometric floor patterns are still out, it’s nice to see the style expanded upon in this first episode. There’s also a heavy focus on eyes, as we see in the following pic and also in the mountains that BRS was sitting by in an earlier scene.

Kagari aka Chariot, Black Rock Shooter's first opponent. Quite the bitch.

The least popular part, the one people wish wasn’t around, would be Mato and Yomi going to school, though I’m actually seeing a small sliver of hope this time. Not to say BRS will weave a story rivaling Code Geass in a mere 8 episodes, but the addition of other characters like Kagari (Chariot) and Black Gold Saw (Saya) could create more of a connect between the two worlds that I felt the OVA didn’t do well at all. Kagari’s mean streak certainly would seem to match that of Chariot, as she basically steamrolled Mato/BRS both playing house and giving her the “uglier” macaroons.

The drama isn’t great or really even good, but having these other characters around might make the overall progression of the story just a little more bearable. There’s something that runs deep between Yomi and Kagari that will be interesting to see revealed. In the OVA, Mato & Yomi became friends, a jealous streak developed, and they went back to BFFs by the end. This time around, it might be Mato trying to get her feelings through to Yomi. (Cue the Yuri ending)

The opening is only fitting for BRS. I’m just glad that they lowered Huke’s pitch a bit; in the original song, it’s a little too high for me. Also, I might have to redo my Top 5 OP choices…

Bonus Art of BRS: Dem hotpants, bro…

We're going to be seeing plenty of this for the next several weeks. Fine by me.

A surprise appearance by BRS's buttcrack.

Getting her hair done up + bra strap torn + sexy pose = One hot BRS