Haven’t done a Playlist in a while! Since the Oscars were yesterday I decided to do one that features Hollywood stars, well kind of in one. They are long vids so I am only including 3, but they are all pretty funny, so enjoy!

1) Movie: The Movie

The shortest of the three, in that it is only 10 minutes long, this is a movie trailer that Jimmy Kimmel released recently that is just off the wall funny. Unfortunately it is a fake movie, but it is still pretty funny to watch. You have all the major stars like George Clooney, Matt Damon, Tom Hanks, and… Chewbacca?

 2) The Death and Return of Superman

Whether you like comics or not, you have probably seen a fair share of comic book movies, which allows you to follow this video pretty well. This video is by Max Landis and it wouldn’t be surprising if you don’t know who he is. Max Landis is the Son of a fairly famous comedy director John Landis and the only notable thing he has worked on is the recent Cronicle movie, which he wrote the scripted for. I haven’t seen it, but it got good reviews and if this video is any indication of his talent, then he should have a bright future ahead of him. This video has a lot of major celebs in it as well. Elijah Wood, Mandy Moore, Simon Peg, and even Ron Howard all appear in it. FYI, this is a seriously NSFW video because Max drops the F-Bomb quite a bit.

3) Samuel L. Jackson Plays MW3

Alright, alright.. Yea this is technically not Samuel L. Jackson, but it is a guy playing MW3 with a soundboard and it is pretty damn funny. It is pretty long, but the first 5-8 minutes is hilarious. Once they figure out that it is a soundboard it looses its charm. The video is from Gaming With Stars, a guy that does a lot of soundboard videos, so feel free to check the other ones out. Also be warned that the F-Word gets used over and over, but you know that is how Samuel L. Jackson rolls.