This week the Anivision hosts bring their own topic as they give more impressions on the PS Vita, talk about digital downloads, give our opinions on quotes from people in the Video Game industry, and discuss the latest from One Piece.


Impressions: Angry Birds Space

Commercial: MetaVerse

News Discussion

  • Bioware is working on a new Mass Effect 3 Ending (Kotaku)
  • North American and European NPD Numbers (Joystiq)
    • GameStop posts highest all-time sales of $9.55 Billion in 2011 (Joystiq)

Quick Hits

  • Socom creators, Zipper Interactive, might be shutdown by Sony.
  • Zynga working on cross-platform cloud compatibility.
  • GameStop will be ending GameCube Trade-ins on April 2nd.
  • Crunchyroll is launching in Latin America with Spanish Subs.
  • A second season of Moyashimon has been green-lit for Fall.
  • Minami-ke’s new anime listed as fourth season.
  • Recorder and Randsell to get a second season.
  • Kuttsukiboshi OVA ep. 2 coming in April.
  • The Gintama anime is ending after episode 252.

Lawl of the Week

  • Strange Patents:
    • Microsoft patents gaming helmet (Joystiq)
    • Man patents odd video game (Kotaku)


  • Bring Your Own Topic
    • Amuro: PSVita Impressions
    • Xcom: “Digital divide”
      • Direct downloads Vs Physical
    • steev brings 2 topics!
      • Quotes – Our thoughts on them.
        • “Survival horror just Isn’t popular enough.” – Masachika Kawata (Kotaku)
        • “Modern Japanese games suck.” – Phil Fish (Develop) (Kotaku)
      • The Hunger Games vs. Battle Royale
    • Jrow: One Piece (manga and anime)

Bonus Content!

All the music used in episode 119 of the Anivision Podcast: MediaFire

Frozen Synapse’s Troll Ending.


  • Intro: “Nakama” by Good Coming (Gintama)
  • Insert: “Beautiful Dreamer” by Yonaga Hime 3+1 (UN-GO)
  • Ending: “Nirvana” by MUCC (Inu x Boku SS)