The Anivision hosts are joined by Magus and Wademaster to have a more in depth and SPOILER filled discussion on BioShock Infinite. It is recommended that you beat BioShock Infinite BEFORE listening to this episode.


Extended discussion from Episode 159: Infinite Injustice.

Guest: Magus

Guest: Wademaster


  • Wade and Magus’s Impressions
  • 1999 Mode
  • Story Review
  • Weapons
  • Vigors
  • Music
  • Multiplayer
  • Characters
    • Elizabeth (Anna) & Booker
    • Lutece Twins
    • Vox Populi (Daisy Fitzroy)
    • Comstock/Lady Comstock
  • Around the Horn Questions


  • Intro: “Welcome to Columbia” by G. Schyman and J. Bonney (BioShock Infinite)
  • Ending: “God Only Knows Acapella” by Beach Boys (BioShock Infinite Rendition)
  • BGM: BioShock Infinite OST

Album Art by steev

BioShock EXT Album Art