Inu to Hasami wa Tsukaiyou
Comedy, Mystery

So this is an anime about a boy who is killed during a robbery and ends up being reincarnated into a dachshund owned by a sadistic girl who uses scissors as a weapon… Sounds dumb, which is why it looks funny as hell. The premise alone makes me laugh, which for a comedy is great. The trailer shows off a bunch of great eccentric looking characters too. The main two are voiced by Sakurai Takahiro and Inoue Marina, so this show does have a lot of promise. I know this is one anime I’ll be looking forward to.

Sports, Comedy
Kyoto Animation

When the 30 second CM trailer with these hot guys swimming was released, many were hoping it’d be a new anime series, and those people got their wish. No doubt targeted toward a female audience, this series has gotten a lot of heat for obvious reasons. The internet storm of hate is a very typical internet response and is what it is. The series will happen and people will watch (or not) and move on. It’s Kyoto Animation, so we can expect high-quality animation and character designs with a certain amount of familiarity.

Gifuu Doudou!! Kanetsugu to Keiji
Action, Samurai
Studio DEEN

Deen is an alright studio from time to time, but the subject matter of Sengoku Era and samurai stuff in anime has never caught my interest unless there’s a hip twist to that feels modern… or if it’s ecchi. The names and events are always the same, like in this series which focuses on Kanetsugu and Keiji’s friendship and journey to where they are today. Deen will be doing 2 shows (Rozen Maiden) this season, and I don’t expect the studio to assign Gifuu Doudou to its “A-team”.

Rou Kyuu Bu! SS
Comedy, Sports
Project No. 9

Servant x Service
Comedy, Slice of Life
A-1 Pictures

This anime is about the daily lives of people who work at a local government Health and Welfare Office. That might sound generic, but this is actually the non-sequel anime I am most excited about for this season. This series is by the same mangaka that brought us Working!, which is a series I love qutie a bit. That combined with being produced by A-1 Pictures and having an experineced voice cast gives me everything I need to be excited about this series.

Rozen Maiden
Action, Fantasy
Studio DEEN

The last time Rozen Maiden aired was back in 2006 and, unlike Genshiken, I just don’t remember much more than a few vague details about it. I know the series is about living dolls that engage in combat in order to prove themselves to their maker. I also remember a few things about the personalities of the dolls and that it had an awesome soundtrack, but that is all. It has just been too long for this series. It would be better if it was a reboot. ANN has it listed like it will be, but every other site has it as a sequel. I guess we won’t find out till after the first episode airs.

Symphogear G
Sci-fi, Action

Action, Mystery

This anime is about 15 highschool students that get into an elite school and when you graduate from the school you are guaranteed to succeed in life. The only catch is, in order to graduate you have to murder one of the other students and not get caught. The premise is promising, but the style is odd. It feels like this could be a dark mystery series, but the character designs are over the top and there is a teddy bear that runs the class. I guess they are going for more comedy than serious drama, which is why I am a bit confused about how to feel when it comes to this series. It is being directed by Seiji Kishi, who directed Seto no Hanayome, Angel Beats, Persona 4, and Kamisama Dolls, which gives the show some clout. It could be a decent series none the less, so it should be worth checking out.

Kitakubu Katsudou Kiroku
Comedy, Slice of Life